Introducing Orinag Rooyesh Sanat International Corporation

Orinag Rooyesh Sanat International Corporation (private Join-stock Company) instituted on registration code 5164 year 2016 in North Khorasan, Bojnurd City. The work team of Orinag have been making experience through cooperation with corporations, organizations and different persons. So the institution of this corporation was based on technical plan and faith. This corporation gathered coherent groups for consulting, industrial design and manufacturing, making porotype and mass production through collecting and coordination of experts in mechanic engineering, electrical engineering, chemical engineering, agricultural engineering and computer engineering. We scrutiny the national needs in different fields and design and commercialize the product through experience and updated science of our research and development team. In addition, we identify operational ideas and inventions by studying and observing persons and will cooperate with inventor to commercialize the product. We believe designing is planning and any with product or idea could be made or apply in a short time and with a low cost by correct planning. We make the designing professional.

Wait for various products of Orinag Rooyesh Sanat International Corporation.